4 Tips for Using Shutterstock in Finding Cheap Stock Photos

What stock photo agency are you using to find cheap stock photos? Are you subscribed to Shutterstock? Shutterstock is a global technology company with the largest marketplace for creative professionals. With over 55 million stock images, you will surely find everything you need to complete your creative projects. The website updates its library everyday with an average of 400,000 new stock images per week. It also offers images on demand and subscription plans suitable for every budget. Here are a few tips on how to find cheap stock images using Shutterstock.

  1. Watch out for recommendations.
    Shutterstock has sweet ways of recommending photos related to your searches. Throughout the website, you can see discovery paths like “Similar Images”, “Same Model”, and “Related Searches”. You can also as easily click on the name of the contributor to take a look at more of his or her work. If you become a member of Shutterstock, you will find a “Featured Lightboxes” section when you log in. This section gives you a dynamic selection of curated images. 
  1. Modify your search order.
    Do you get thousands of results when you search for a keyword? You can narrow it down by being more specific. You can also use the tabs at the top of your search results to arrange it in different order. 
  1. Try out Spectrum and Instant search tools.
    Shutterstock features Shutterstock Labs where you can find new tools for exploring the stock agency’s website. If you want to fill your screen with photos as you type, you can choose Instant. If you want images to appear by color, you can try Spectrum. With these search tools, you will be able to extract marvelous finds. 
  1. Use the advanced search tool.
    Shutterstock’s search engine gives you the opportunity to find images by default. You can find cheap stock photos in horizontal or vertical. You can also choose between photo and illustration. When you perform your search, you can easily change the settings to whatever you’re interested in. it will only take seconds for you to get the images that best describe your core message.

If you are looking for images that are good for your blog, website or brand campaign, Shutterstock is one of the best stock photo agencies to find cheap stock photos that don’t suck. The website is more than just a pool of beautiful photos. Many professionals also use the global technology company to find icons, maps, textures, backgrounds, flags, video clips, and many more. You may spend your time looking for images over the Internet, but you will surely find what you are looking for in Shutterstock. Its photo library has helped more people in finding non-sucky pictures for over a decade.

For Professionals, by Professionals: a Review of Peopleimages

For Professionals, by Professionals: a Review of Peopleimages

Peopleimages is a microstock agency created by the world’s leading seller of microstock images. For years, Yuri Arcurs, the man behind the Peopleimages creation, worked for several major microstock agencies. His work has earned international attention and now he has his own studio located in Cape Town, South Africa.

What Is Peopleimages?

a very good example of a people image

As the name implies, Peopleimages is a curated collection of images of people, read our review here. That’s it – they don’t offer anything else. They have 600+ models and entire teams of producers, photographers, developers and more working for them producing more than 5000 images per month, exclusive to Peopleimages.com.

A Yuri Arcurs Creation

yuri arcursYuri Arcurs created Peopleimages. He knew that pictures of people were harder to take, and if he could produce quality images, he would stand out. For four years, he consistently sold over 4 million images per year. Although he used to submit his photos to several different stock agencies, he is now licensed through Getty images to produce images of people. Today, nobody has sold as many microstock photos as he has.

A Curated Collection

Typically, you would see between 20 and 30 different categories that microstock agencies curate and organize their photos into. Since you won’t see categories such as food, architecture or landscapes at Peopleimages, you’ll see other categories. The categories include age, concepts, industry, location, photo technical, time of day, photographers and weather/season.

To Shoot Images They Would Use Themselves

Yuri Arcurs created Peopleimages with one goal in mind – to shoot images they would use themselves. Nowadays, Yuri is still a photographer. He will always be a photographer at heart. However, he spends more of his time at his own training Academy where he trains students to do what he does best – create microstock photos of human beings.

Human Beings Are Such Fascinating Creatures

You may be pleasantly surprised when you browse the Peopleimages library. People are such fascinating creatures. You can take two people and place them in so many different suitable configurations and still make the photo turn out good. Yuri has a specific aim when shooting other people. His goal is not to pose people. Instead, he wants the images to look completely natural – as if the subject has no idea they’re even being photographed. If you were to compare it to a nature show, you would call this a natural habitat. Keep that in mind as you browse the library. You’ll find that Yuri aims for a certain brand of authenticity in his photo collection that you won’t find anywhere else.